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Foreign Tongues in Brooklyn, NY

My friend Sara Bigelow, at a party Sunday night, gave me a duck tongue. It tasted, hmmm, rather……salty. It also tasted really chewy. And to me it tasted really, really yummy in my tummy. It’s funny tasting a tongue, and with your tongue. And it made me wonder what other tongues taste like. Six months ago I might have been scared to eat that tongue, but now I’ll eat any tongue, anywhere, at any time. Except at midnight, cause that’s past my bed time. As I always say, if you don’t try something new, life’s not worthwhile!


Washougal, Washington

The number 1 place to have fudge is my grandma’s house. Her fudge is AMAZING! You cannot believe it! And to me it tastes like chocolatey heaven…I just want to eat and eat and eat. I know this doesn’t sound wild, but it is something that I thought you might think about. Does your family make wild food? Think of it. And I hope you say a compliment on this one, because I want to hear from all of you. And like I always say — always try new things, or life is not worthwhile.


Iceland: world of mysteries.

They do things that they don’t do here in my hometown of Brooklyn. They ride on Viking horses. They eat fermented shark, whale, puffin and some eel. I had a great experience in Iceland. I rode on a viking horse, I had whale, puffin and some really weird tasting shark…I tried to eat it, but I had to spit it out! Ha, crazy me!

Well, I have something for all of you that are reading: always try new things, or life is not worthwhile.

Chinatown, New York

When I was about three years old, I had something that many people would say “no way” to eating — and there it is — chicken feet!

I know it sounds gross, but it tasted like chicken! Ha, crazy me! This blog is about food and crazy experiences, and as I always say — if you don’t try things, life won’t be worthwhile.


When I went to Jamaica, my dad wanted me to try curried goat. I took one look at it, and said “no thank you.” But now, I’m a food blogger, and now I know that I should not have done that, because it’s better to try things; what I always say is: if you don’t try anything, life won’t be worthwhile.